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A-C-P Highlights: May 2022

** All photos are included with consent


A big 'happy birthday' to the following May babies...

  • 7th - Agnes

  • 12th - Dhana

  • 23rd - William

  • 25th - Ola

  • 28th - Ed

  • 31st - Sonia


Here are some of the latest additions to our "funny wall" in the office...

​Michelle was a little bit confused on learning what a 'forecast spreadsheet' is.

Grace C invented a hand sign for the 'cheese and spinach pide', because she couldn't remember the name of it!

Emmy's choice of snack was a bit controversial in the office...

With a cold snap coming to Victoria this winter, it might be the perfect time to organise another classic AmeCare snow trip!

We haven't been able to organise this for a few years because of COVID, so..

If you would like to come along, or if you have any ideas for group activities or outings...

View upcoming events here!


Are you interested in cooking or baking?

We're putting together a bunch of recipes as a resource, and would love any tried-and-true recipes from anyone in the AmeCare community!

Please send them through to Michelle, and keep an eye out for them to be featured on our website :)



May 17th - IDAHOBIT

International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersex discrimination, and Transphobia

More information, posters & resources can be found online:

On the day, people usually show awareness by dressing up colourfully, or wearing a rainbow outfit or accessory.


May 27th - Tracky Dack Day

(TLC for kids)

Why tracky dacks?

“Sick kids in hospital are encouraged to get into tracksuit pants and out of their pj’s to transform their mood”

Any day in May 2022, you’re invited to “dack up” in solidarity with these children, to show them that Australia cares.

You can read more about it here:

A flyer promoting AmeCare's Biggest Morning Tea.

AmeCare played host to the Biggest Morning Tea in support of the Cancer Council. A big shoutout to Michelle who helped organise the day, and thank you to everyone who brought along a platter to share and enjoy!

We extended the invitation to all of our houses, as well as some of the other organisations in our office building. It was great to spend some time chatting with other people that we might see in the lifts occasionally but don't always have the time to speak to.

Pictured below are Pip and Benjamin; Ed, Annie, and Damon; and a glimpse of the impressive morning tea spread that was set up on the day!


Want to know more about our head office team?


Looking for a gift?

One of our gems runs a candle-making business from her home, and is selling gift hampers!

Because the business has been a way to manage her own mental health, for every candle sold, she donates $2 to the organisation "RUOKAY"

Click on the link below to check out her website!


​From Pearce Place...

Author: Molly

First of all, we have 2 new residents - Damon and Nicole!

Amrita, our fantastic house manager at Pearce Place A has left us to become a new mum! As much as we will miss her we are very excited for a new baby!

On Amrita's last day (Friday 20 May) Damon and Nicole decorated Pearce Place B where we hosted Amrita's surprise baby shower!

We played games like stick the nappy on the baby, and we all guessed how many marshmallows were in the baby bottle.

David made lots of yummy food - sandwiches, fruit salad, dips and chips.

Anthony (stage name Antonietta Dior) gave a fantastic performance of Madonna's 'Holiday' for the occasion.

It was a great day, we will miss Amrita but cannot wait for baby cuddles!


Michael went to Shepparton on the last weekend in May and stopped in Nagambie for lunch. He loved seeing the statue of the famous racehorse Black Caviar.



Filling in Amrita's role, Ed has taken over as House Manager at Pearce Place A for the next 12 months. The residents all contributed to the decision as they all love Ed's rapport with them!


Keep an eye out for our new upcoming "Participant Products" Shop page & support our gems!


From ILO...

Author: Deb

It has been a long time since I have posted. I have had two operations, heaps of doctors appointments, and convalescing at home for the last couple of months. I never did Lego as a kid, young adult etc but I saw the bird of paradise last year and I wanted it. Well I was lucky enough to get it for Christmas. I have a new found love for Lego, especially their botanical collection which I now have all five in the collection.

Hope you enjoy the photos of three of them: bouquet, bird of paradise, and succulents (their latest).

P.S. Stay tuned for more!!


Latest in poetry...

Read the latest "Peaces of Dan"!


From Ilani...

Author: Silvia

It was Gigi’s birthday on the 24th of May!

She spent her day shopping! We showered her with lots of love and pressies and ate some yummy cookies together.


Looking for more?

Read some more of our articles below:

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