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support workers


This type of support is based upon what support you need and are funded for, and how you want supports to be delivered. It includes: 

  • In-home support: assistance with basic domestic tasks, cleaning, activities of daily living, routine, and low-level personal care 

  • Outreach support: accessing the community, attending appointments, participating in groups and activities

  • Group support 

We want the people we support to feel empowered and comfortable in achieving their goals, regardless of the ups and downs of their journey. 

We work in line with any relevant NDIS goals you may have, as well as any specific goals you would like to make with us. These goals are usually about building independence and skill development, being able to access the community and participate in social activities, and receiving support to reside safely in your home.

We can help provide structure, routine & support to the challenges in everyday life


"I like that my worker knows me very well & I can have a good routine with them. They help me increase my skills and confidence in the community" - M.D.

"Being linked with AmeCare is very helpful. I have medical needs and having my workers makes it easier for me to get to places and appointments. The staff are friendly and we have a lot of laughs together" - F.C.

"I like when my workers take me to see old friends and visit places from my childhood. My hobby is computers and technology and I like when my workers can talk to me about this" - T.M.

"My workers from AmeCare are personable and kind. They help me to do my laundry, and get some exercise by going swimming and going on walks" - M.A.

"My AmeCare workers support me to live independently. They're like my friends and my family and I feel comfortable working with them because they are people I trust" - D.S.

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