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A-C-P Highlights: April 2022


A big 'happy birthday' to the following April babies...

  • 1st - Grace M

  • 2nd - Gina

  • 8th - Grant

  • 10th - Emily M

  • 19th - Emmy

  • 29th - Major



We posted a poll to our Instagram stores over on @amecare_gems, and while a few of you said you felt happy or relieved, the majority of people said they felt unsure, confused, nervous, or anxious about what's to come.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or even just a mix of emotions about what 'life after Covid' will be like - you're not alone. The past few years have been hard for a lot of us.

We have had to adjust to a new way of life. So, as restrictions ease, it is very natural to be worried about what things will be like now.

You may be worried about using public transport, seeing more people from other households, or going back into school or work.

If you are feeling this way, or you want to support someone else who may be feeling this way, here are some tips and prompts from

Take things one step at a time

When we're feeling overwhelmed or stress, it is a natural reaction for us to just try and avoid whatever is making us feel that way. But this can often do more harm than good, and make you worry more.

Keep in mind - you don't need to make a "big change" right away. Start with small steps and ease yourself back into things. Snail progress is still progress!

If you do find yourself feeling anxious, make time to do some calm breathing exercises, or grounding, mindfulness, or meditation exercises.

Stay Connected

Probably the most important thing you can do for your mental health and wellbeing is to keep connected to friends, family, and loved ones.

We know it can be a natural reaction to want to avoid and escape a bad feeling. As hard as it is sometimes, try not to bottle things up if you're feeling worried.

Make sure you are talking openly and honestly about how you are feeling.

Whether we are in the middle of a crisis or emerging from one, we cope better together.

Plan to do things you enjoy (and make time to do them)

Let's change our perspective a little bit, and think about all of these changes as an opportunity...

What things can you start doing again now that restrictions have lifted?

You can make a list of the things you want to do, the places you want to visit, and the people you want to see.

Make sure you also make time to do them!

Ideas are just ideas until they're actions.

Bring back your 'old' routines

Many of us are now used to a new way of life, whether that's working from home or spending more time indoors than we used to.

Establishing your old routine and way of life - such as heading to bed or waking up earlier - as soon as you can will help you ease back into things.

Think about what's important

The Covid world has been a slower pace of life, so a lot of us feel less pressure to act in a certain way. For example, feeling like we need to be very social now after not socialising much at all.

Consider what is truly important to you, rather than what you think you should do.

Allow yourself time to ease back into 'being social'.

Remember, things take time

The past few years have completely changed our lives upside down.

Be kind to yourself, and remember that is will take time for things to 'return to normal'.

It's OK if you take longer to adjust than others. Everyone responds to situations differently and no one approach is better than the other.


Poetry Corner

Author: Dan

Peace & Quiet

Hectic, busy world spinning until we’re dizzy.

Chaotic, done revolving often forgetting “we are one”.

Chimes, then bells people screaming with their yells.

Contemplation of time, the journey such brings.

We get a glimpse of Heaven contemplating our wings.

Extending to others as our world falls apart.

Then someone writes a little bit of art.

Closer to unifying, there is no defying.

The busier life can get.

As we often forget.

That all we each need is peace.



Look within. For you have helped another.

On a weathered day, when they needed cover.

Thank yourself for your effort, here

As your help definite, when I had fear.

Being selfless. Letting you know.



Thankyou for helping me glow.

For your angelic ways through weathered times.

Helped bring out the Sun.

When I thought the world was defiant.

Allowing me to know, all that we each needed.

Peace & quiet.


Me Breathing

Author: Dan

This is me breathing.

“Sultana” was the only word spoken that reminded me of my journey in the past decade through to now. My mind made it clear I needed “mindfulness” and I needed it now. Here this very moment.

I can hear several things;

My computer clock spinning,

My hard-drive writing,

The sound of my keyboard as I punch keys typing,

The washing machine ready jingle,


A low resonating sound belonging to the fridge.

Yes, this is me breathing.

Along the years I have written about Liquid Crystals and their healing properties.

True for crystals they resonate at 1Ghz double the bodies biorhythm.

This is still me however my now. Is now here; and further below.

As I breathe I think of the past, being respectful of time and all actions to this sacred breath and the now. I am the only one home at this point in time so it is eerily quiet, though rewarding.

My stomach is singing from the sandwiches I had for lunch, the dishes are all done, some reorganising and a lot of contemplation bought forward my mindfulness.

Holding the “sultana” what do you notice, temperature change, texture, the sultana starting to sweat in your grasp. And putting it in your mouth, how is the sultana and how is it changing? I recommend if you start with a sultana, or even a sensory item you can hold. Peace of mind will shine through.

As you get further than this the past were all my present techniques to highlight some big things, small things and important things.

Here lies my last mindful paragraph to remind all reading; of sacred breath, thought and action. The body system, things I can hear when I start disconnecting.

My thought of a “Sultana” a single one, along with how that “Sultana” and Mindfulness Group changed My Life. I am grateful for what I know, I am pleased for what I do not know.

This is me breathing in the now.

Thanks for reading I do appreciate it. Thank you, to my supports through AmeCare.

Today I am here, peaceful and mindful


From Pearce Place A...

Author: David

I went to Yarrawonga Camp from Aurora Services.

Thursday 14/04-

We left for Yarrawonga around 4:30pm in the evening and reached there around 8pm for dinner time. We had the dinner at a local pub. I had chicken parma and a coke.

Friday 15/04-

We looked around the town and had lunch at a pub. I had roast lamb for lunch. We returned home and had barbeque for dinner. It was a great fun.

Saturday 16/04-

We went to the boat today and had movie and dinner outing in the evening. Some went for golf instead.

Sunday 17/04-

We went to the market in the morning and left for Melbourne in the evening. We reached Reservoir around 4pm and Emma picked me up.

Once home we did Easter egg hunt with the back house and had a great fun.

I had a really nice Easter.


Author: David

Sylvia K

  • You always care for people

  • You are a loving person

  • You are very nice and always funny

  • You always do a good job

  • You are a good staff member

  • You are a good cook


From Pearce Place B...

Author: Molly

April at our house has been very busy! We have had a lot of exciting things happen.

  • We had an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday

  • A working bee in our veggie patch

  • Our Friday night footy nights

  • And Joseph went on a vacation to Safety Beach with his friend Michael!


From Ilani St...

Author: Silvia

We had the Easter Bunny come and visit us at Ilani St. He was so generous and left a small gift for all of us! We then ate some yummy hot-cross buns, Colleen made coffee and tea for all of us, and we did some Easter colouring.

Some other things that have been happening at our house during April:

  • One of our ladies has a big smile, as she has a set of new teeth. She would repeat this phrase up until the day she got her new teeth: “When I get my new teeth, we will have a celebration and I can eat all the yummy food again”.

  • We have cooked together and shared meals with the ladies (there is a good balance as one resident prepares the ingredients, and another resident likes to taste the food and serve it)

  • One of our ladies who has such a creative mind when it comes to arts and crafts, has been busy with her mandala art, her tracing, and writing her poems.

  • We are in the process of setting up a weekly winter program/activity for the ladies (tie dye, canvas paintings, baking among other fun activities)

Until next time!


From Head Office...

Meet these couple of cool cats!

Support coordinator Annie lives with Ahri and Lana, both domestic medium-hair cats.

Unfortunately, the cats don't get along with each other, but they are very cuddly with their humans!

Annie adopted Ahri (black and white cat) in 2012 when he was about one and a half years old.

He turns 12 this year and still acts like a kitten!

Lana (with the sassy glasses) was adopted by Annie's partner in 2015 and is around 9 years old.

She is incredibly gentle and wouldn't hurt a fly!


Here are some of the latest additions to our "funny wall" in the office...

​Image 1: Gina had a fall and landed on her bum...yep, she broke her bum! Don't worry though, she's okay! We can laugh about it now :)

​Image 2: This sign has been up in the office for a while but still gets a laugh! It got its place on the wall after the building was evacuated because - you guessed it - Grace C burnt some toast! It's all in good fun though :)


From our Accommodation Manager...

Author: Emily M

For the month of May I am taking part in a fundraiser called "PanKind", which is used to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer research treatment and more.

I have pledged to do 63 squats a day for the whole month of money in order to raise money. So far I have raised $750!!

The reason behind doing "63" specific squats a day is to honour the 63 people who unfortunately pass away each week from pancreatic cancer. It would be amazing to see anyone in our AmeCare community join me and participate in the squats challenge!

Some highlights from this past month:

  • Oliver will be turning 1 on the 05/05

  • Damon from STAAR has been lending a helping hand to our maintenance man, Peter!!!

I am looking to get a few houses together and organise some group outings and activities. If anyone has any interest or ideas on what type of things we can do, I am contactable via email ( or phone (03 8418 3307) during business hours.


Want to know more about our head office team?


Mother's Day is on Sunday May 8...

An illustration with the title "thinking of you". There are bunches of flowers representing the mothers who have lost children, those who have lost mothers, those with strained mother relationships, mothers with strained child relationships, those who have chosen not to be mothers, and those yearning to be mothers.
Source: unknown

Still looking for a gift? One of our peers runs a candle-making business from her home, and is currently selling Mother's Day hampers!

Because the business has been a way to manage her own mental health, for every candle sold, she donates $2 to the organisation "RUOKAY"

Click on the link below to check out her website!


Looking for more?

Read some more of our articles below:

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