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A-C-P Highlights: September 2022


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A big

to the following September babies...

2nd - Paul W

12th - Dila M

20th - Samantha F

25th - Emily D

27th - Joanne C

29th - Jacob W


Awareness Days

Click the link below to see what organizations and initiatives you can get behind this month!


What is "GO-TOBER"?

Click the link below to find out more...


Say hi to Mercury!

Author: Emmy

​We have been experimenting at Head Office with growing an avocado plant!

Mercury, our little avocado seed, has now formed into a fully blossoming plant!

Everyone loves Mercury and checks on how big he grows each day.

Here is a recap of Mercury's journey so far:

  1. We started by wrapping the avocado seed in a wet paper towels in an air-sealed snap-lock bag. Mercury stayed in the bag for a couple of weeks until a crack formed and revealed a sprout!

  2. It was at this point we let the seed float in water upside down to let the sprout grow into a root.

  3. Mercury was then transferred into his current home and bloomed very quickly!

We are so proud of our little plant!

Next time you finish an avocado and would like to get creative, try and make your own Mercury :)



Colouring competition!

The holiday season is always a highlight for our AmeCare community - so we thought it would be great to see if any of our gems want to design a holiday greeting card for us.

  1. You can make your own template, or use the one below. If you use your own design make sure to include "from AmeCare" in it.

  2. You can print it out and colour in using pencil, marker, crayon, paint, etc. Or you can download the image and create something digitally.

  3. Send us your design - take a clear photo, send us a scanned copy, or send us a digital file to

  4. Your design could be chosen to use as AmeCare's holiday greeting card!

We look forward to seeing some amazing designs!

Download the design!

Happy Holidays - Colouring2
Download PDF • 35KB

Want to know more about our head office team?


Upcoming Event: "KHG Spring Fair 2022"

​Kevin Heinze Grow's annual Spring Fair will be held on Saturday the 15th of October, 2022 from 9am-3pm. Here are some photos of Joseph and Michael G working at KHG.

Check the link for more information & updates closer to the date:



Click on the images below to check out participants' products!

Read Dan's poetry chat-book...

Support Joe's artwork...

​Buy a lovely candle or gift hamper...

Invest in some handmade bookmarks...

Listen to Sarah's original song...

Check out Deb's song recommendations...


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