Accommodation & Housing

This part of AmeCare was developed with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in mind.


We believe that for people to thrive, the supports we provide must consider their basic human needs (feeling emotionally and physically safe and respected).


In practice, people are more likely to work effectively on their goals and skill-development once they feel this sense of security. 

Why Accommodation & Housing through AmeCare?

We spend a significant amount of time gathering information about each of our residents' individual skills and support needs to get the best possible match in every home we offer. We encourage everyone we support to actively take part in choosing who they would like to reside with. 

This is an innovative model unique to AmeCare that we have created to "meet the gaps" in accommodation/housing services offered to people who can be seen as the most vulnerable members of society. It is a model that aims to provide all with above-and-beyond support and continuity of care.


Our priority it to provide a home - not just a house - where its residents can feel safe, build independence, and maximise their quality of life.  

We provide tailored, individualised support in an "active service model", empowering people to be engaged in all choices, decisions, activities, and interpersonal relationships. 

We support people with dual-diagnosis to source and maintain independent living solutions and, above all, enjoy a place to call "home". 

If the location or the house we have to offer is not suitable, we can find one for you

Semi-Independent Living (SIL)

We can provide a house that is set up with the support you want and require. 

This model will have a "house manager" to assist in facilitating and organising your day-to-day routines and activities. 

SIL options have overnight supports, which can be:

  • Sleepover model - where someone is onsite but asleep/inactive for a specified period overnight

  • Active/Waking night model - where someone is onsite, awake, and 'active' 24/7 

Our SIL homes value socialisation and friendship, and are designed to empower and promote independence. 

We base this model on supporting you to work on and achieve your goals, and have a good community of networks.


We take great pride and care when selecting people to make up a "home" together.

Current locations:

  • Airport West

  • Heidelberg

  • Lalor

  • Epping

  • Doreen

Independent Living Options (ILO)

We established this model as a way to support those that want to live independently, but require a "stepping stone" to community living. 

Tailored to your individual support needs and based on the level of funding you require, the following supports can be including in your weekly ILO rent amount:

  • Utilities

  • Maintenance

  • Board/Lodgings

  • You can also choose to have a weekly food budget/allowance including in your weekly rent amount. 

As needed, your NDIS plan will assist with: 

  • Assistance with grocery shopping

  • Assistance with budgeting

  • Assistance with meal planning and preparation 

Current locations:

  • Bellfield

  • Lalor

  • Werribee

  • Doreen

  • Bundoora

Short Term Accommodation & Respite (STAAR)

AmeCare established this model in 2020 for people who would like and would benefit from a "holiday" or respite from home; or require transitional housing in a safe and secure environment. 

Respite of STA/MTA "stays" could be for 24 hours overnight, for a few days, or for a few weeks or months - depending on your individual wants and needs. 

Current locations:

  • Lalor

  • Doreen

We can offer short-term accommodation (STA) in any of our houses if there is funding in your NDIS plan for support workers to assist you in and around the home. 

Our current goal is to establish an STA on the Mornington Peninsula to give everyone the opportunity to have an accessible, beach-side holiday. Stay tuned! 

If these models do not suit you & your needs, we can also provide Medium-Term Accommodation & Supported Residential Services.

Please contact us and speak to management directly about these options.