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A-C-P Highlights: March 2022


From Ilani Street...

Author: Silvia

"There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends who become family"

Yay!! We have a new resident! Gigi moved into Ilani St this month. Both Gigi and Colleen have lived together at another property and their friendship is like no other. Both of these loveable ladies enjoy sitting down and doing art and craft, colouring in, and tracing together, or just simply sit down and relax watching TV. Here are some of Colleen's latest tracings :)

Here at Ilani we want to give some staff shoutouts to

  • Sam. F - she has been a fantastic support, especially for Colleen

  • Shailesh - he has been a real trooper, working flexibly with our ladies

We are in the process of organising a day out so we can all enjoy the community together. We will share our experience and let you know how our adventure went - so watch this space!


From Pearce Place...

To read all about what Pearce Place has been up to,


From ILO...

To read all about what our Independent Living Options (ILO) gems have been up to...


From our peers...

Click on the links below to read some of the latest submissions from our AmeCare community...


Author: David


  • House Manager at 'Pearce Place A'

  • You are a good worker and organise appointments and the house shopping

  • You are always helping people and you are a very kind person

  • Best memory is going to the city together


From Head Office...

As a lot of people may know, dealing with Covid has been difficult. It has been hard to find the 'silver linings' when so many people are falling sick, and things are uncertain in the world.

So, in the office, we started a "funny wall" - literally, that's what we called it. Our funny wall. Because laughter is sometimes the best medicine, it is a collaboration of little 'tid-bits' and funny moments that give us something positive to remember and focus on.

Here are some of the latest additions to our funny wall this past month:

  • Grace C (also known as "Nonna") forgot the word for 'karaoke machine'

  • Emmy a bit confused about how 'shiny paper' works

  • Michelle is a foodie so her lunch is always very important...even if maintenance work is being done


A note from our Administration Officer, Michelle:

This month, we have been reflecting on our company’s mission…

We must remember what our industry is all about. Why do we get out of bed and come to work every day? We are here to help our participants, to give them the inclusion they deserve.

The team made time to sit and chat with each client, giving them the opportunity to explain to us what support they require, and scheduling according their needs.

With lockdowns behind us, head office is starting to get back into full swing.

Being back in the office, surrounded by your colleagues, is a big change to working from home in your trackies on the couch. Resulting in you talking to your pet hoping they’ll laugh at your jokes…

So it’s safe to say that saying things aloud, sometimes falls onto the ears of your peers, which gives them a good cackle.


Want to know more about our head office team?


Looking for more? Read some more of our articles below:

Oh, and check out the picture below for one last thing to remember on April 1st...

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