Positive Behaviour Support


This is an entirely individualised, evidence-based support that focuses on identifying and interpreting triggers, environmental factors, and patterns and functions of behaviour. 

Our practitioner/s are provisionally registered with the NDIS Commission, and provide support and guidelines around effective communication strategies and emotional regulation to individuals, carers, families, and formal and informal support networks. 

AmeCare actively promotes least restrictive practices to minimise harm and maximise opportunities for independence and meaningful engagement. 

Working holistically, our aim in identifying behaviours of concern is to maximise a person's independence, choice, and control within their life. Support areas include:

  • developing Behaviour Support Plans

  • residing safely at home & environmental factors 

  • accessing the community & social activities 

  • emotional regulation 

  • family and interpersonal relationship support 

  • participating in work/educational programs 

  • identifying patterns and functions of behaviours

Why choose AmeCare to develop your Behaviour Support Plan?

"Great document with some really good recommendations in it" - R.W.

"You have done an excellent job putting this [support plan] together" - S.P

"Great job, nailed it" - G.B.

"This is exactly what I needed, thank you...excellent info on the strategies and capacity building info NDIS wants" - M.R.