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"working with you on the canvas of your life"

  • AmeCare (pronounced "am-care") was established in 2018 by our director, Gina Robinson, and our manager Yanie Drysdale.

  • We are an NDIS-Registered organisation that started with a team of 5 staff and 20 participants...and at the start of 2021, we have approximately 105 staff and over 150 participants! 

  • AmeCare is a family-established and orientated organisation that aims to support people with complex-care needs, dual-diagnosis, and mental health conditions.

  • Our target group is people with dual-diagnosis and co-morbidities (specifically psychosocial disabilities), and those requiring complex support and multidisciplinary approaches. 

  • Additionally, our target group includes people who have been marginalised for factors that are out of their control and we wish to rehabilitate and provide stability and security. 

  • Our motto is a reflection of life being a blank canvas, that each person paints upon as they collect experiences and memories. 

  • We strive to build positive and striking canvases for the people we support to share proudly, owning their experiences and themselves to ultimately reach their goals. 

Our name comes from the Amethyst crystal, known for its protection and emotional healing qualities. It can also be associated with sending negativity away and encouraging intuition and stability. 


the gap

AmeCare aims to provide realistic, individualised to enable maximum independence and choice within a person's life 


We use our personal experiences and knowledge to identify gaps in the industry and work towards bridging this gap to promote an inclusive service 

We provide support that is individually tailored to suit your needs and wants 

We promote self-awareness, responsibility, and accountability for empowerment and independence for each person accessing our service 


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