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A-C-Peer Submission: Freedom of Mind from Paranoia

(Submitted by a peer)

Seems as though its there to protect me not destroy me.

Walking through the park, no one there. Feeling like I’m on show and with it my despair.

Already wearing a cap,. Then, over goes my hood. My feel good disguise from those peering eyes.

Those that are there as the same time they are not.

Delusions often the ones deep and reminding.

This paranoia keeps finding me. Of all the things that life can find you in. An un-easy mind Grandiose.

Magnificent my mind is not, often the delusions in life they are not.

To remind myself of these and their un-truth. The thoughts with the deepest roots.

Please be understanding of my consciousness as these thoughts become demanding.

No longer in my immediate comprehension, and some outward actions, emotions talk and even my


have noticeably gone without mention.

The grips this condition of schizophrenia can often have on me, we together have the best hopes for me.

Between such turmoil within me, will I find that peace. Something I wish the world in my state

of mind.

Differing and not complete in thought. These prying eyes are not really there, though to

think, Typing and the way I think.

Life is uneasy, where does the breeze take me? To be free.

So only to remind me is to mention I’m a nut, I’ve been cracked and feel as though this has become at times a grind.

There in my life of what is vital.

I remind myself even these voices I hear not a recital.

They become part of that which I try to


My mannerisms may change, not often do I myself realise.

Yet there are still in these moments

prying eyes.

This condition is a part of me. No reason, no envy I myself my own enemy.

These views I have shared come from those who truly care. Some of you not mentioning that which I

do not see.

Please let this be an insight from my condition of suffering with paranoid schizophrenia.

We are not alone. In consideration thank you for reading. My beliefs that often I can’t see me,

under that hooded top,

I feel disguised enough.

To those who do notice thank you for your confidence and help on the harder days.

This I may not remember in future days. It’s not the order of symptoms and conditions.

Thank you for seeing into how I can be.

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