Referral & Intake Process

Step 1: Talk to us!

Contact us to enquire about the service, and discuss options, the suitability of the service for you, and what type of support best suits your needs

Step 2: Complete a referral form!

We can provide you with a copy via email or post


You can also fill in our online referral form

Step 3: Arrange a meeting!

We pride ourselves on meeting each participant face-to-face at no cost.


We will organise a time to meet with you and/or your support person - to discuss details of your support requirements, talk about what you want and need and how we can best support you and – if all goes well – sign a tailored service agreement.


Note: If you would like AmeCare to support you with more than 1 service, an agreement will be made for each service and we will discuss conflict of interest.

Part of this process is also Gathering information. We might need to talk to your support network to find out a little bit more about your support needs, so that we can provide the best support possible.

Okay, I have signed up... what comes next? 

Step 4: Start & Trial the service

Once we have signed all the relevant documents and made a plan for your supports, you can start "booking in" a time to receive support! 


Generally, we like to allow at least 2-4 weeks for the people we support to “settle in” to our service. During this period of time, we will... 

  • Work with you to build an understanding of your strengths, likes, and dislikes. We do this by developing documents like support schedules, client risk profiles, and support/care plans.

  • Allocate support staff that we feel are a good match for what you require

Welcome any feedback, comments or concerns at any time to make sure you are getting the best quality service provided!

​Our referral & intake processes are designed to be person-centred and individualised, so that we can uphold and strengthen your ability to feel empowered, and have choice and control in the services being provided to you.