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& psychosocial recovery coaching

The role of our support coordinators is to “bridge the gap” between you and your NDIS support network.

This can be included in your NDIS plan in different ways:

  • support connection

  • support coordination

  • psychosocial recovery coaching, and

  • specialist support coordination. ​


Based on which level of support you are funded to receive, this services establishes an informal advocate and additional support for your guidance and skill-development. ​​Bascially...

We do the "heavy lifting" for you

Why choose AmeCare's support coordinators and coaches? 

  • They go above and beyond! We believe that effective service is based on face-to-face contact and accountability. They are required to meet with each client a minimum of once per calendar month, and touch base each fortnight to provide their clients with some stability and the reassurance/security that their needs are being looked after.

  • Our coordinators and coaches have qualifications and experiences in mental health, community services, counselling, and psychology. 

  • They are an informal advocate and will get to know you and liaise with your care team to identify what your goals are, and what services are required to help you work towards these goals. 

“I have found AmeCare a great company to be liaising with…super helpful and wonderful support coordinator who really cares about their participants” – LM


“My support coordinator helped me get a job volunteering at the local animal farm. I love this job, especially looking after the baby animals!” – IH


We have a unique, streamlined approach to organising and connecting services, providing holistic care and support, and value “coming together” as a network for the benefit of each individual participant.


What can this support do for me?

  • Link you into other NDIS services including, but not limited to: occupational therapists, speech therapists, behaviour support, counsellors, physiotherapists, groups and programs.

  • Support you with a hands-on approach. We make it our personal policy and commitment to meet all participants face-to-face on a regular basis.

I love anything to do with computers and technology and my support coordinator is helping me to find a course to learn more about it” – TM

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