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A-C-P Highlights: June 2022

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** All photos are included with consent


A big

to the following June babies...

18th - Palu
19th - Matt
21st - Gabriel
24th - Shannon


Congratulations to Amrita and Suraj who have recently have welcomed their little bundle of joy, a little boy named Suam! We can't wait to meet him!

​Yanie and Grace have some news as well...


At our monthly team meeting, Michelle was granted a special shoutout for her hard work this month, and fielding everyone's tech-questions with kindness and respect. We started a new tradition and she got to wear a crown for the day! We'll find out at the next team meeting who the next crown-wearer is...


Accessible Outings Author: Gina

I took a trip to Altona Beach recently with my family. I have a daughter with a disability who uses a wheelchair to ambulate long distance, and I was delightfully surprised when I saw how accessible this beach was!

It brought me back to our recent family holiday over Christmas travelling up the Murray and back to Melbourne, and noticing how inaccessible a number of places are.

Accessibility – or navigating this - for many whether in a wheelchair or experiencing mobility or other sensory issues is amplified when travelling to unknown destinations.

I recommend having a look at this website – some good tips, accessible travel destinations, accessible local activities, podcasts, blogs and more!


Are you interested in cooking or baking?

We're putting together a bunch of recipes as a resource, and would love any tried-and-true recipes from anyone in the AmeCare community!

Please send them through to Michelle, and keep an eye out for them to be featured on our website :)


Want to know more about our head office team?


June is Pride Month!



There was a fantastic post from @yellowladybugs_autism on Instagram about people living under a "double rainbow"...

"Research shows that autistic individuals are more likely to identify as LGBTQIA+ than neurotypical individuals, which can bring forward unique experiences for our community.

Pride is important year round, and both LGBTQIA+ pride and autistic pride are incredibly intertwined.

Did you know...

  • Autistic individuals are more likely to identify as queer or gender diverse.

  • In a 2020 study, only 8% of autistic participants identified as being exclusively heterosexual.

  • Trans and gender diverse people are up to 6% more likely to be autistic that cisgender people.

  • Similarly, gender and sexual identities are more varied across the autistic population.

Autistic pride is integrally linked to LGBTQIA+ pride.

Take some time this month - and beyond - to educate yourself on queer and autistic intersectionality, and listen to the diverse voices of queer autistic people."

For more information you can also...


Upcoming Awareness Days

There are quite a few different campaigns and awareness days coming up in July, so we have made a separate post for them...

Click the link below!


Highlights from Pearce Place...

We were lucky to have two birthday cakes in one week...

Jasmine and Nicole’s birthdays were on the 15th and 17th of June!

Nicole and Molly went for lunch and got their nails done for her birthday.

We enjoyed our Pearce place B weekend dance parties.

We had some fun outings:

Damon and Molly went to Bettie’s burgers for the first time for lunch.

​Damon, Michael and Molly watched the new Top Gun at the movies.

Joe starred in a video for his work program, Kevin Heinze Grow! Watch the video here >

Say hi to Dexter!

He lives in Doreen with his owner, Jas, who adores him! Jas misses Dexter a lot if she is away from him for too long. Dexter is loved by many residents at Pearce Place and is very friendly and gentle. Dexter is about 3 years old and has been loved by Jas for almost a year and a half.

Get to know Damon!

Hi, my name is Damon and I am 19 years old. I like to go out to places.

I used to be a couch potato but since coming to AmeCare, I want to do more with my life. I have made a good friend, Homer, who lives at Arnica Lodge. I like my music and I wish I was a DJ!

I want to say thank you to a lot of people, but I don't know how to put it into words. If it weren't for the people who helped me, I wouldn't be here.

Thank you mum and my family for getting me out of a bad situation and helping me get my life back.

Thank you Molly, Emily and Annie for being a big support and thank you Michael for being a great housemate.

Now here are a few of my favourite things!

  • Movie - Top Gun Maverick. I loved everything about it. I saw it with Molly, Michael and Caitlyn. I give it 10 stars out of 5!

  • Song - Off the top of my head, "Send it" by Hooligan Hefs, but I could list 6000 more!

  • Show - "Housos", it's funny but don't watch it, it has a lot of naughty stuff! An old friend from high school got me into it, and it is very inappropriate so I don't recommend it! R18+!

  • Game - GTA5 (zero hesitation with this answer).

  • Animal - Cats, dogs, I like farm animals and farms.

  • Food - CHOCOLATE! It should be everyone's favourite. And chicken nuggets, I have a real craving for them right now.

  • Drink - Apple juice and orange juice. Especially fresh orange juice.

  • Sport - Football, I go for the Tigers!

  • Colour - Blue, it is a common colour

  • Activity - Exercise so I can burn energy! I wouldn't mind joining a local football club for all abilities!

  • He is a stand out employee for Pearce Place B!

  • Vikas is a reliable staff member who we can ensure is running the house smoothly when on the floor.

  • Since being here Vik has implemented many fantastic things for residents, like

- mindfulness sessions

- getting everyone involved in weekend dance parties, and

- ensuring all domestic duties are covered.

  • Vik is always reliable and is someone who provides great insight and ideas for residents and house improvement.

  • He is a pleasure to work with!


From Ilani...

Author: Silvia

This month has been very exciting! Colleen went to Morning Melodies where she danced, enjoyed a drink, and made new friends!

Gigi had a mani-pedi, and has been been enjoying her arts and crafts, writing song lyrics, and is thinking about writing a children's book! We'll keep you updated on her progress.

Oh, and Colleen won a jar full of Jelly Beans from the Biggest Morning Tea we went to!

​We all went to an expo, had a movie night, and we baked some red velvet cupcakes together with worker Sam.

Gigi wanted to share this colouring page with everyone, and what a great message:

never give up!


From Blackman Ave...

This month saw a lot of changes at the Blackman Ave Home, with Will as their new house manager!

  • J and D have been bonding over their favourite subject….food. It is big thing for them to be sharing the dining table as they haven’t spent much time together till lately.

  • The staff are working with J to use cutlery for every meal and we are pleased to say it took less than a week for J to get the hang of it. Well done to J and to the staff with their modelling of good practices!

  • J enjoys hanging out on the couch with Will doing "Wordle" together. J usually gets it in 2!

  • Wow, what a fantastic month D is having! He is now getting up on a daily basis thanks to the magnificent efforts of the staff.

  • D is being engaged during mealtimes with conversations and photos that capture his imagination and inspire him to get up and become involved with life and the community.


From our Accommodation Manager...

Author: Emily

Some major highlights at Franklin Rd this month:

  • Our not-so-little baby Ollie has taken his first steps!!!

  • Jess and Nath have also finalised their wedding date and are set to get married on July 23rd!

At Messmate St:

  • We are officially welcoming Trav as a new resident! He has been getting to know the team at AmeCare for the past couple of months and has now decided to move in!

  • Trav enjoys heavy metal music, horror movies, and shopping at JB HI-FI.


Ideas for group outings?


View upcoming events here!



Support our gems!

  • Read Dan's poetry chat-book,

  • Support Joe's artwork

  • Buy a lovely candle or hamper, or

  • Invest in come handmade bookmarks!


Looking for more?

Read some more of our articles below...

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