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A-C-P Highlights: August 2022


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A big

to the following August babies...

2nd - Warwick

3rd - Rebecca

3rd - Belinda

3rd - Mose

4th - Catherine

10th - John

12th - Laura

15th - Christian

22nd - Vanessa

25th - Chiedozie

25th - Peter M


Person of the month has been nominated by Will from Blackman Ave:


His work with Joey has been outstanding!


Upcoming Awareness Days

Click the link below to see what organizations and initiatives you can get behind this month!


Upcoming KHG: Spring Fair 2022!

Kevin Heinze Grow's annual Spring Fair will be held on Saturday the 15th of October, 2022 from 9am-3pm.

Here are some photos of Joseph and Michael G working at KHG.

Check the link for more information & updates closer to the date:


A month in the life...

Support Coordinator Annie has had a very busy August! Scattered with dance, movies, concerts, and shopping, she thought she would share a few details and pictures from her adventures.

Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of August Annie participated in the AASCF Dance Battle competition; this involves competing on Saturday and then the same routines again on Sunday. Annie competed a total of 6 times in two days! The idea of the competition is for teams to take on feedback from Saturday and make any adjustments they can before competing again on Sunday. Competition scores from day 1 contribute to 30% of your overall score, with day 2 contributing 70%. Annie’s Jazz team came 3rd, Pom team came second and Hip hop team came second. Friday the 12th of August Annie and her partner went to the cinema and saw “NOPE”, a unique sci-fi horror film. NOPE is directed by Jordan Peele, known for directing horror films such as “Get Out” and “Us, but also previously known for his sketch comedy. The film follows two siblings who run a horse ranch in California, who attempt to capture evidence of a UFO. Annie really enjoyed this movie and recommends it to horror and sci-fi lovers alike. Annie gives it 4/5 stars.

Saturday the 20th of August Annie, her partner and some friends went to the Hatter and the Hare, a café in Scoresby. The Hatter and the Hare have Alice in Wonderland themed menu, coffees, and sweets. The food was pricey but delicious; Annie recommends going early on a Saturday to guarantee a seat!

After brunch, they ventured down the road to a place called “Hunted”. “Hunted” is a warehouse that has different stalls set up. Each stall is owned by different people and each stall is unique. You will find sweets in one, art in another, and records in the next. Highlights of the visit included seeing Pokémon carved out of crystals, as well as the purchase of a hat and a beautiful blue coat. Annie recommends if you enjoy hunting for Knick knacks and second-hand goods.

Annie finished her evening but getting ready with her partner and heading into Richmond to see KISS perform at Rod Laver Arena for their End of the World Tour. This concert had been rescheduled approximately 3 times! Annie started listening to KISS 10 years ago, so being able to see them in concert was a dream come true. They know how to put on an exciting show, and have a lot of energy for four blokes aged 60 to 75!

Sunday the 21st of August

Annie and her dance teams competed again! This time it was Cheercon States, where they came 3rd in Jazz and 1st in Pom! Cheercon announces awards for the top 10 scoring routines across all dance categories (Lyrical, Jazz, hip hop and pom) – Annie’s Pom team came 9th overall out of the top 10!



Ian celebrated turning the big 7-0 this August with a party at La Porchetta, Ivanhoe.

We have known Ian for about 10 years, and it was a fantastic night celebrating with about 30 people - his housemates, lots of AmeCare friends and staff, and even his workmates from Bundoora Animal Farm!

Joseph and Michael celebrated their birthdays with a joint party at La Porchetta, Greensborough on 2/9.

Joseph (in the striped shirt) turned the big 4-0 and Michael turned 51!


From our Accommodation Manager...

Author: Emily M

Oliver has started SWIMMING LESSONS!! He absolutely hated it but still participated.

Oliver will be doing swimming lessons every Saturday with his mum, Jess.

Also, Lauren who works at Franklin Rd asked her mum, Annie, to hand-make this adorable baby comforter for Yanie & Grace! Thank you Lauren & Annie! 💕😘

One of our new residents, Sarah, has shared her original song! It's called "Work It Out" that she wrote and recorded herself. Click here to listen to it!

Sarah is so far loving the AmeCare community, and expressed that she feels really welcomed by all the residents and staff. Her interests are Music, Drawing and cuddling the resident dogs Snowy and Becky!! Here are some of Sarah's favourite pictures that she has taken:


Indoor Cricket Donations in memory of Susie

Author: Joseph

Michael P and I play in the disability indoor cricket competition every single Tuesday night at the Action Indoor Cricket centre and sports centre in Footscray. The Disability Indoor Cricket competition is a really fun indoor cricket competition to play in. We also play disability outdoor cricket competition, the M. A. A. C. A. competition in the summer months. The indoor cricket competition runs for most of the year. Peter M takes us to indoor cricket every single Tuesday night as well as the M. A. A. C. A. disability outdoor cricket competition during the summer months.

It was a very important night at Indoor Cricket on Tuesday 19th July.

Lorraine Woodman (the organiser of the disability Indoor Cricket competition) told everyone that a special presentation was going to be made before Indoor Cricket started on this particular night. Indoor cricket players from all sides arrived at the Action Indoor cricket centre and sports centre at 4.:30 PM on Tuesday afternoon. Then Lorraine told the players to come to the front counter for a special presentation to be made. Then Lorraine started speaking, holding the large megaphone in her right hand and photograph of Susie in her left hand.

Susie used to play in the Disability Indoor Cricket Competition. Sadly she passed away from cancer about one year ago. Lorraine asked all the players if they knew Susie and the players said that they remembered Susie and remembered when Susie used to play indoor cricket.

Susie had Down Syndrome and didn’t ever let her disability hold her back. She led her life to the fullest and was very passionate about her indoor cricket. Susie had a lot of friends from the tight knit indoor cricket community. She was an all rounder – very good batter and she was a very good bowler. I would have to say that Susie enjoyed batting a lot more than she enjoyed bowling. Susie was one of a kind. She will be sadly missed. Her legacy will continue to live on within the indoor cricket community. Susie had a great sense of humour and was very much a joker. Susie’s spirit will continue to live on within the community.

Lorraine told all the indoor cricket players that Susie’s sisters were at the Indoor Cricket centre tonight and the reason why was because Lorraine had a special announcement to make: Susie’s family had made a financial donation to the Disability indoor cricket competition, and as part of this all players from all the indoor cricket teams would be receiving brand new playing t-shirts and caps.

Lorraine started calling out the player’s names one by one from each team. As soon as player’s names were called out the players had to go over to the front counter were Susie’s three sister’s were standing. Two of Susie’s sisters were standing there watching the presentations unfold while one of Susie’s sisters was presenting every single indoor cricket player with a brand new indoor cricket playing t- shirt and a brand new indoor cricket playing cap. Once every player was presented with their donations they gave each of Susie’s three sisters a handshake and said thankyou for the gifts which they were delighted to receive. Once the players were given gifts they then tried them on. Lorraine and the players had their photos taken by Susie’s three sisters in memory of Susie.

< I had my photograph taken with Lorraine.

I would like to say a very big thankyou to Susie’s family for their financial donation. It means a lot to Lorraine, Julie and all indoor cricket players and their support workers as well as the general indoor cricket competition. The financial donation means a lot to the competition. Susie may not be here in person but Susie is still here in spirit.

I would also like to say a huge thankyou to Lorraine for being the facilitator of the presentation. The playing t-shirts and indoor cricket playing caps will come in nice and handy and be put to good use.

I hope that they you have enjoyed reading indoor cricket article. I look forward to writing you another article for the newsletter in the coming months.


The Drysdales!

On Saturday 3rd September, Yanie and Grace got married! The forecast for the day was overcast with a few showers, but it was so poetic how the skies cleared and the sun came out just as the beautiful brides were walking down the aisle to start their next chapter together.

AmeCare head office staff, from left to right: Paul R, Peter C, Belinda, Grace C, Emmy, Nick, Michelle, Yanie, Grace, Gina, Emily M, Christian, Violeta, Annie.

Everyone really enjoyed the day. There was wonderful food, music, and everyone danced the night away! It was an amazing atmosphere. Everybody seemed really happy to be there to help celebrate the newlyweds, and the venue was filled with lots of brilliant energy - people talking and laughing together, and enjoying themselves!

We wish both Yanie and Grace a lifetime of happiness, and we're all eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child in November!


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