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ACP: From the Archives (June 2017)

Our ACP: Archives collection is a way to honour the hard work that went into all of the previous editions of our AmeCare Community Papers and the editions of our predecessor Arnica Times.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the nostalgia!

How much has changed in 6 years...?



The following articles were originally written by Dan for the June 2017 edition of Arnica Times.


With us this month is the power and peace of Pearl. Pearl brings the message to trust in your feelings within this cycle, and trust in the cyclical nature of change. Pearl is very strongly associated with the Moon, both in its silvery shimmer and it's highly emotional qualities.

These qualities are captured during its formation - Pearl being an irritation of the oyster in its attempt to heal and purify itself. Our emotion can be similar, varying and stumbling upon irritations and lessons of life on Earth. Furthermore, the secretions of the Pearl during its healing can be like our emotions: as we release and learn from the emotion, we heal and purify with Divine Beauty. It is in this that Pearl teaches us how to view our emotions as a way forward for healing and protection.

It teaches that if we feel, we will evolve in completion, then the completion will be tested; we will grow higher and stronger, over and over again. This month is a good time for reconciliation. We are being asked to wear the crest of the Moon upon our brow and let it be cleansed with the rains of forgiveness. It is a great time to stand on the shores of your emotions. Like the tides of the sea, your emotions may deepen but will recede. Step forward into the waves, letting them run their course of purification. With the Moon on our side this month, know that you can rely on unconditional love and embrace it. Pearl will allow the truth to be seen. It can increase intuition, helping with our perception of the 'now' and guiding our journey on the path of truth. From Pearl we can also learn the spiritual basis of sexuality and sacred union. It is a great stone to enhance emotions at the Heart Chakra. Pearl has entered our transition this month to allow us to balance and trust in our current emotional state and processes.




The following article was originally written by Flo for the June 2017 edition of Arnica Times.



The following articles were originally written by Debra for the June 2017 edition of Arnica Times.



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