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ACP: From the Archives (April 2017)

Our ACP: Archives collection is a way to honour the hard work that went into all of the previous editions of our AmeCare Community Papers and the editions of our predecessor Arnica Times.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the nostalgia!

How much has changed in 6 years...?



The following articles were originally written by Deb for the April 2017 edition of Arnica Times.


​For this month's shout-out, we thought we'd highlight some of the hidden talents found around Arnica Lodge. So this is our 'interview' with Liam, whose hidden talent is performing.

Q. How long have you been a performer?

Since I was 14. I have had lessons in jazz, tap, hip hop, and classical ballet. I also do busking sometimes and perform as a clown, 'Happy Liam'.

Q. How often do you have lessons?

3 times a week at 2 different places - tap and jazz at one place, and hip hop at another.

Q. How important is performing to you? Why?

Very important. Because it's my job and what I do with my life.

Q. How often do you have concerts?

The dance company I do tap and jazz with has a 2-night showcase once a year in December. I usually do 3 performances a night. This year's theme is the 30 year anniversary of the dance company. I also turn 30 next year so I'm excited for it.

Q. What do you like the most about performing?

It's exciting and fun, and something to aim for.

Q. Tell us about performing in total.

You get to meet new people. You always get an aim. For example, a performance is an aim that I always have to rehearse each week for.

The rehearsals that I do mean a lot for me, they're really exciting. One day I want to make a film clip with dance moves for an album.


Well, first off, I can say that Joseph is a really nice and friendly guy. His birthday is the 30th of August and he is currently 34 years old. Joseph is close to his family and sees them a lot - he is the eldest of 6 siblings! Joseph is really hard working and likes to help out in the kitchen. He also really likes doing artwork and is a talented painter. Joseph loves sport as is an avid Geelong fan. ... He is all-round a very polite, lovely young man and a wonderful asset to Arnica.

Some fun facts about Joseph:

Star sign: Virgo

Birthstone: Sapphire

Favourite holiday: Tasmania

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: He likes most food!

Barracks for: Geelong Cats (AFL)

Favourite season: Spring

Favourite music: AC/DC and rock music

Something people would not know about Joseph:

He grew up in Stawell, so he is a country-boy at heart. His dad is an Equine vet who worked in horse racing up there.




The following article was originally written by Flo for the April 2017 edition of Arnica Times.


The following articles were originally written by Debra for the April 2017 edition of Arnica Times.




The following articles were originally written by Dan for the April 2017 edition of Arnica Times.

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