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A-C-P Highlights: July 2022

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** All photos are included with consent


A big

to the following July babies...

6th - Annie

6th - Esther

7th - David D

8th - Emma S

13th - Lloyd

​18th - Peter C

18th - Pip

18th - Silvia G


Did you know there is a flag that represents disability pride?

"Designed by Ann Magill and updated in 2021 to ensure accessibility, each color of the Disability Pride Flag represents a different type of disability:

  • physical (red)

  • cognitive and intellectual (yellow)

  • invisible and undiagnosed (white)

  • psychosocial (blue), and sensory (green).

The charcoal background symbolizes mourning and rage for the victims of ableist violence and abuse, and the colored bands are placed diagonally to convey persons with disabilities “cutting across” societal barriers." Source

Representation matters, knowledge is power, and one of the recommended ways to increase awareness about something is to increase education about it.

Here is a curated collection of books by or about persons with (hidden or visible) disabilities:

Also check out this Instagram Reel by @blairimani that explains what disability pride means to some people:

Pride is something that we encourage and promote everyday of the year.

So to keep this going, we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase our amazing AmeCare community with a photo contest!


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A good news story!

Author: Emmy

One of our clients, Ross, has reached an incredible milestone! After losing his leg last year, Ross has been fitted with his brand new prosthetic leg. Within 6 weeks of intensive rehab, Ross has now been properly fitted with his leg and has been thriving ever since. Ross is an inspiration and shows that with determination and a positive attitude, you can achieve so much! Ross: "At first I didn't think I would walk, now I am. See you need to believe in yourself and the trick is to push yourself and don't say oh it's too hard because you are eating their time. Don't forget to believe in yourself and you can do it!" Well done, Ross!


Some great memories!

Author: Brooke

Me as Queen Bee for the Stride4Stroke month of November last year!

Before the Colour Frenzy FunRun

After the Colour Frenzy FunRun

Here is a picture of me with my chocolate KitKat Easter house Christianna and I made on Good Friday!

Here is a group photo from our Murder Mystery Party! Can you guess who was the murderer?


A great day out!

Author: Debbie, Michael's guardian

Michael is a huge fan of Elvis so last week we took him to Bendigo to the Elvis Graceland Exhibition. He loved it and we were singing to all the videos being played throughout the rooms.

Later we went to the GLOW: Bendigo After Dark lighting projections in a park. Michael was fascinated by the different displays. It was a great sensory experience for him.


A beautiful day!

Jess & Nath got married!! On 23rd July they hosted a lovely, intimate wedding ceremony at their home with close friends and family. Jess & Nath organized most of the day by themselves, and there was definitely love in the air!

From top left to bottom right: Cody, Maria, Grace C, Emily M, Peter C, Kelly, Lauren, Emmy & Emily D

Shout out to the Franklin Rd staff for their teamwork in the lead up to and on the special day!

We even got to catch up with Kelly, who was part of the team when Ollie was born but couldn't work with us anymore due to personal commitments.

Congratulations, Jess & Nath, on starting your married life together. We are so proud and honored to be a part of your journey!


A groovy story!

Support Coordinator Annie got her Groove On at her first dance competition of 2022 at the end of June. Annie and her club worked hard in the lead up to Winterfest 2022, training weekly for several hours, with additional trainings when needed. Her Jazz and Pom team, Hydra, came third in their divisions, and her Hip Hop team, Siren's, came first! If you're curious what Pom is, Annie describes it as "if Dancing and Cheerleading had a baby"; see photos of Annie holding coloured poms. Annie is very passionate about her dance and is always happy to chat someone's ear off about it!

Winterfest 2022 was Annie and her club's second dance comp since the end of COVID restrictions, their first being in December 2021. Annie and her dance friends are very happy to be back on the stage, bringing incredible energy and passion. They have a full on dance competition season ahead, but it is worth it for the memories, fitness and fun.


Are you interested in cooking or baking?

We're putting together a bunch of recipes as a resource, and would love any tried-and-true recipes from anyone in the AmeCare community!

Please send them through to Michelle, and keep an eye out for them to be featured on our website :)


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Have a getaway!


Upcoming Awareness Days

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