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AmeCare's #Go-Tober 2022

October isn't just about Halloween anymore, and resolutions aren't just for the new year. We decided to take inspiration from social media challenges and we came up with #GO_TOBER ("G" + "O" = Growth October).


  • It takes, on average, 30 days to learn a new skills or for a new routine to become habit.

  • The act of self-care and being mindful is an ongoing skill - it doesn't come naturally and there is always something to learn.

  • Each prompt relates to growth in one of three areas - mind, body, and soul.

This comes with absolutely no pressure - participate every day, every other day, or just once.

Part of being on a growth journey is acknowledging little successes, so remember:

  • practice makes better (perfect doesn't exist), and...

  • a step is a step no matter how small!

Download the GO-TOBER calendar with links & prompts (PDF) below:

Download • 3.84MB

Download the GO-TOBER calendar only (without links and prompts) by saving the picture below:

Share your GO-TOBER Journey with us on Instagram @amecare_gems with the hashtag #GO_TOBER

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