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ACP: From the Archives (July/August 2017)

Our ACP: Archives collection is a way to honour the hard work that went into all of the previous editions of our AmeCare Community Papers and the editions of our predecessor Arnica Times.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the nostalgia! How much has changed in 6 years...?



The following articles were originally written by Dan for the July/August 2017 edition of Arnica Times.


Myth: They’re just rocks, how can a rock help you?

Crystals can aid you in adjusting and re-focusing areas that may be lacking in your life, and answers will come from your exploration with them.

Much like a road map, crystals will learn about you to know where you are within healing. They will recognize your needs and the areas you may need to focus upon. I’ve written about this before, but just briefly: crystals resonate and vibrate on a frequency of 1 Giga Hertz (which is double that of our body’s biorhythm of 500 Hertz).

So, holding a crystal or several crystals will actually double the body’s biorhythm. This is why crystals are healers. Generally, if you put your focus into the power of crystals, negative energy will dispel. I hope this helps in dispelling the myth of crystals, which usually comes from misunderstanding. I do recommend working with crystals for your own healing needs, exploration, and questions. Such is the nature of our healing journeys: the questions we have, we discover in time in our own individual way.


Fluorite is a multi-coloured, although quite transparent, stone. It represents ‘Mental Mastery’, and is useful is joining the heart and mind as one. Regarding mental mastery, Fluorite brings confidence in our own choices and decisions.

Be guided while under Fluorite’s cycle this month. Let your thoughts flow, and have confidence listening to them. Accept each coming thought and do not be afraid to reaffirm with them. Our mind may often be cluttered with things we don’t need, like our creations through our own wandering (over-thinking, imagination, paranoia).

Aspects of our life and life path will present as we need them to now. Deep within ourselves, each of us as individuals will view the success and strength we have.

Fluorite will give light to our need. Within this present cycle, we will find things are more organized and structured. With Fluorite’s guidance, we realise that our minds are disciplined and focused.


My mind creates my world, OR

Our minds create our world

Key words:

  • Organization

  • Discipline

  • Focus

  • Commitment



The following article was originally written by Flo for the July/August 2017 edition of Arnica Times.


The following articles were originally written by Debra for the July/August 2017 edition of Arnica Times.

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