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Monthly Crystal Reading (Dec '19)

This month’s featured stone, Bloodstone, has intense healing and protective qualities.

Bloodstone in this cycle is a reminder for us not to be overwhelmed. It is a great stone for protection, known to give some insight of when to retreat and disconnect from its use.

It can also boost your immune system and is great to have nearby in sleep as it brings calm and peace.

It has great energy for grounding heart, and rivitalises and re-energises the body's energy system (as the name suggests, it's a great cleanser of blood). Wearing Bloodstone can be a great way to absorb some pain.

About the stone

Colour/appearance: Red/green flecked quartz, with red or yellow. Usually coming in a medium tumbled stone. Australia, Brazil, China. Czech Republic, Russia and India have an abundance of the stone, so it is readily available.

Opportunity: Be brave!

Associated chakra: Base and Heart - usually used to realign the lower chakras with the heart and balance the total body, to overcome distress or anxiety.

Key words: challenge, strengthen, courage, calm, peace, energise, cleanse.

May Bloodstone in this cycle strengthen your courage and give you the personal strength to get through a time of emotional challenges.

Thank you for reading.

Love, light & peace,


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