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Snapshot of my mind | Poetry

- text and photos by Dan

Even the rustle of the leaves in the trees had a certain static.

Looking around, in the attic of my mind.

Neat cabinets full of memory.

Not as easy and organised.

I am trying to reach the control room.

Can I get There?

Forgetting surely cannot bring chaos to rest.

Watching my feelings and what was worked through in the past.

Energy allowing me to dance once more.

In raindrops, so clear yet cold.

Telling you how, bringing it to present.

Each of you within me. Shining.

Blissful we sing, as some of us cry.

Deep feelings, not setting me back.

Motivations in the light, which each of you hold.

As I grow, As I age,

The Lake where the poet dies.

Strength kept me out.

This much is true.

My muse now is your everlasting sparkle, left in my eyes.

I belong here.

A bit longer now.

Not ready to go.

No dreaming just yet.

Elevated with you all.

Falling no chance.

Let your passion drive in support.

We are much the same.

Ruminations through.

Onward we march.

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