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Journey of my frantic mind | Poetry

Look inside and you may find pathways clear, not much really unless behind that curtain of fear.

Wandering briskly through the forest crunching of foliage underneath foot, not yet obvious the conditioning my mind stood.

Streams with pathways and duplicating bridges gentle undulating Hills with ridges some with snow and others without, what was my mind to ever doubt?

True brilliance was just a piece of mind and a Peace of Mind that needed relaxation in the space of time.

My mind was tempering, though I decided to stroll cool through the remnants of time.

As I counted backwards from 10 my mind started to fall asleep again.

Deep and somewhat unclear.

I realised then cloud was setting in.

Pure coincidence of what my mind held within.

Brightened upon my face was a grin that took the pain off my face.

Louder and broader my emotion was shining.

The pendulum of my mind striking at the perfect time.

As that metaphorical Clock headed Toward the hour.

The light of divine help began a sparkling shower.

Love fell in bright bursts on my soul. nourished I smiled as I thought.

Unwinding my mind which had started to sing of all the lessons stored within learning.

Breathing I was feeling lighter than the air surrounding me.

As the Clock struck up on the hour my mind awoke from that divine shower.

Fresh calm and relaxed my meditation had ended.


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