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Peer of the month (double feature!)

Well, hi guys - I'm back. I had a great break, Christmas was fabulous and New Year as great. Hope you all did as well!

This month I will feature not one, but two peers of the month. Both these people are UNREAL and they are both on my 'favourite people list'. They are my regular support workers, but as you may know by now I see all of my workers as my friends.

Let's start with "ladies first"...

Photo supplied by Brittany

Brittany Adele Binetti-Caracella is my happy hippie. She has a beautiful name and beautiful soul. Brittany has worked with AmeCare for 8 months so she is a relative newbie.

Brittany is so caring and giving, we hit it off straight away. She has great humour and I love her wicked laugh and hugs.

Brittany is very spiritual and loves crystals, oracles, tarot, candles - everything basically. That's why I think both of us hit it off so much and so quickly, as we share the same interests.

Some fun facts about Brittany:

Birthday: 11 April (An Easter baby, born on Easter Sunday)

Star sign: Aries

Birthstone: Diamond

Something people would not know about Brittany:

Brittany loves going fishing and camping, gets "hangry", and has a sister that's 11 years younger than her.


Colour: Green

Holiday destination: Backpacking for 3 months all over Asia (by herself!). She says she loved it and Asia is her favourite place

Food: Pasta (least favourite food is seafood)

Restaurant: Poppies Restaurant in Bali

Music/Band: She doesn't have a favourite genre, she loves all music but Queen is her favourite band

Movie: Shrek

TV show: Brooklyn 99

Bonus questions...because it's a new decade I have added 2 more questions just for fun

Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Book: Celestine Prophecy

Best memory with AmeCare: Seeing everyone together at our Christmas party happy and enjoying themselves

She is a very special "gem" and a great part of our AmeCare gems!

Peer number 2...

Jacob Richard Watts

Photo supplied by Jacob with Debra's consent

Well, what a great guy! I first met Jacob at Joseph's art exhibition on May 19th 2019 (Joseph is my friend and he is also on the newsletter team).

Jacob has worked for AmeCare for 9 months (another newbie). He is my regular Saturday worker and we both have very strong Taurus in our Natal/Birth Charts - so fine dining and eating out is our go-to most of the time on weekends. Jacob also takes me to Astrology once a month in St Kilda on Wednesdays. So basically I am teaching him Astrology and it's become our 'thing'. He is a great guy, sooo nice. One Saturday we went to a skate park and he showed me how good he was on a skateboard - he has been skating for 20 years! WOW.

Also, Jacob is the front man in a punk/garage band "Frontside Backside" (it's a skating term). In his Natal/Birth Chart he has Cancer ruling the 3rd house, which most musicians have - it's musical creativity. He plays guitar and writes songs with great lyrics, very meaningful.

Jacob and I are pretty close we know a lot about each other through Astrology and we are both Air signs which is an added bonus.

Some fun facts about Jacob:

Birthday: 29 September, he was born in Port Macquarie

Star Sign: Libra

Birthstone: Opal


Colour: Green (same as Brittany)

Holiday Destination: He has been to Hawaii, but wants to go to Barcelona; also he wants to skate all around Amsterdam

Food: Potato Bake (least favourite food is cauliflower)

Restaurant: Los Hermanos Mexican Taqueria

Music: Rock N Roll

Band: Fleetwood Mac

Movie: The Gentleman

TV Show: RuPaul's Drag Race

Actor: Edward Norton

Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Something you would not know about Jacob:

He is the eldest of 3 siblings, with 2 younger sisters; he has lived in over 35 houses; he was a very good tennis player; and has a 9yo cat named Randall who flew down from Port Macquarie to live in Melbourne with him.

Best memory of AmeCare:

Going on a road trip with me to Cactus Country, which is just past Shepperton.

Jacob is overall a lovely guy, very chill and good value!

Also, Jacob gave me permission to share this information with you including information from his Natal/Birth Chart.

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