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Crystal Reading: May 2020


Within this monthly cycle it is an opportune time to gather your thoughts and let go of anything not in your direct control; for peace of mind and to not go "stir crazy" in isolation.

This period has presented difficulty for me with motivation, though at least I put shoes on today and walked around a bit. I am doing more, though have struggled to do a few things.

There is a great deal of optimism shining through in this period - embrace it, let it challenge you. Get out and exercise; don't beat yourself up or scream within your mind and body.

About the stone:

Colour/appearance: It is a blue-coloured stone set with copper deposits, known in Ancient times as ‘the stone of Heavens’.

Opportunity: As Azurite has a strong affect on the intellectual functions of the brain, intuition can be sharpened when using it. A great stone to boost your memory. It is also good to use for relief of stress. The appearance of this stone suggest you will have reference points cross your mind; a bit like Deja-Vu - accept them.

Associated Chakra: It is best used with the third eye in the middle of the forehead above the brow; gifting with clairvoyance. It also recommended for use with the crown chakra above the head, which can bring visions of the Divine mind.

Affirmation: “I accept the Divine within me”

Love, Light and Peace


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