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Well, I think it's fair to say our hopes and resolutions for 2020 hit a bit of a snag! With a global pandemic (Coronavirus/COVID-19) and the consequential lockdown in Victoria, our mental health quickly became a priority.

As work demands decreased and isolation increased, we all had to come up with our own ways to cope. Big shout-out to the essential workers who continued to support the community despite the world basically being in chaos!

To our support workers, management and admin team, support coordinators, house managers, team leaders...thank you for your understanding, flexibility, endurance, and above all - loyalty and support!

Now, to the newsletter... I have been conscious not to put too much pressure on our authors during COVID, and encouraged them to just write as the mood strikes them, if/when they feel up to it.

It's become somewhat of a tradition though for our authors to do an end-of-year reflection.

I found this great reference prompt from "Smart Women Society" on Instagram that I sent round to our newsletter/blog team to complete at their own pace. (Note: I'll edit this post through January as I receive the reflections).

The authors were given a 2-sentence minimum and half-page maximum guideline for their answers to each question.

Note: If you feel inspired by these prompts and want to have a go at responding to them yourself, please email them across to


Q1. What were the highs and lows of this year?

A definite high for me this year was being at Philip Island for Mum's 60th birthday and seeing the penguins wander in.

An absolute low for me was thinking of whether or not I needed respite. At the time I didn't need any, though, this brought another high seeing AmeCare's available options in Lalor and Doreen. After restrictions lifted, I felt more depressed for a bit. That part of me still challenges me and my motivations.

Q2. How have I grown as a person?

I have grown to be a better as a person this year as I have considered others every step of out combined journey, still being selfish enough to have time for me. My verbal communication is ever evolving, and I am becoming a little better at keeping to topic of conversation.

Q3. What am I most proud of myself for?

I am most proud of myself for not relapsing concerning my mental health and schizophrenia. Also proud of those around me to bring my state of mind to my attention during a difficult time.

Q4. What is the biggest lesson / takeaway from the year?

The biggest lesson I takeaway from this year is: I need to know how to be selfless, in consideration of others, to consider myself.

Q5. What do I want to focus more on next year?

Next year, I need to focus on my photography and artwork, to help me through more of my time.

Thank you.

This was me during the year that was 2020.

-- DW

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