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Tesselaar Tulip Festival (attempt 1 and 2!)

Well guys I was soooo excited to go and see the tulips, as my fondest memories are of me very little going on a day trip with mum and dad to see the tulips up in Silvan.

I will let you know a little secret my love of plants and animals started very early. I am very grateful that I was able to study Botany and Zoology at uni when I was older, and I got my Biological Degree. People always ask me why I am passionate about plants, well folks I just am because they fascinate me, all types. I adore flowers, they bring sooo much joy to me!

Well back to the article. On September 14th we went to the first day of the tulip festival, and well...I was so disappointed! Only 1 row of tulips was out and it was due to the cold snap we had just prior, so the flowers didn't bloom. All of us that went were not going to let it slip. Sharon promised me that we would go again, so we were very happy that we got 3 free entry passes. On the 4th of October, Sharon and Brittany took Dawn, Michael, Izzy, and I to the festival again for attempt number 2 and it was magical!

Photos supplied by Debra Scott - scroll through for more

They had a tractor/train ride that would drive around the flower beds, which was brilliant (especially for my mobility issues). We all got on and, I'll say it again, it was magical! The colours were sensational.

There are sculptures and a big clay windmill. It's a massive farm, 55 hectares. We only saw the little bit of it that was open to the public.

'Tesselaar' relates to dutch migrants that founded the tulip farm well over 50 years ago. They have over 1,000,000 (1 million) tulips which are partly planted by hand, and others planted by machine.

On our first trip I bought a potted purple tulip as a memory. It's died off now so I will leave it until next April/May to cut the dead off and re-pot the bulbs and they will grow back up next year (YAY!)

The only downside was that all of the photos that I took on the tractor/train ride of the flower beds and windmill accidentally got deleted; but Sharon sent me some of her photos and they are grouse.

If you like flowers do yourself a favour and check out the tulip festival. It's only open for a month from September to October but it's worth it! #notsponsored #justloveit

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