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Reflections on 2019 by our authors (updated)

Question 1.

How long have you been writing articles for the newsletter?

Deb: Well I am one of the originals, it all started May 2014 at Arnica Lodge. So I have been writing for 5 years.

Maria: I have been writing articles for the newsletter for 5 years.

Joseph: I have been writing for the newsletter for 2 years.

Dan: I have been writing for the newsletter since it's humble beginnings.

Question 2.

What are your 'top 5' ...

Favourite songs, artists, or movies from 2019?


Well how do I choose? Wow..

1 - Sunflower, Post Malone & Swae Lee 2 - Blinding Lights, The Weeknd (80's vibe)

3 - Adore You, Harry Styles

4 - Beautiful People, Ed Sheeran & Khalid

5 - Time, NF

6 - Bury A Friend & Bad Guy, Billie Eilish

7 - I feel love, Sam Smith (remix of an 80's song by Donna Summer)

I couldn't do just 5 I had to do 7, so many to choose from. But these are the standout songs for me.

What are your 'top 5' sports highlights in 2019?


1 - Winning the indoor cricket grand final

2 - The Australian cricket team retaining the Ashes

3 - Watching Richmond win the AFL grand final

4 - Playing two rounds of golf with my dad at Yarra Bend and Parkville

5 - Watching Vow And Declare win the Melbourne Cup with my family

What are your 'top 5' favourite outings you went to in 2019?


1 - fish and chips at Port Melbourne beach

2 - going to the Preston Market and eating delicious multicultural food

3 - going swimming at the Collingwood leisure centre

4 - going to Morning Melodies at the Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood

5 - going to the Ferntree Gully Hotel

What are your 'top 5' moments of 2019?


1 - Arnica xmas & seeing new, old, and present faces

2 - Chinese lunar new year at the Preston market

3 - Italian Festival at the Preston market

4 - Random trips into the city

5 - Meeting (Gina's dog) Arlo for the first time

Question 3.

What were your 'top 3' memories over Christmas?


1. The Xmas party at Arnica, it was a very enjoyable time. Gina, Paul & family put on an excellent BBQ for all of us residents. We ate and drank with all of the Arnica and AmeCare staff, and our family and AmeCare friends. Then we opened all of our presents!

2. My enjoyable Xmas day with my dad and sister at my parents' house in Ivanhoe. I received so many presents from a new diary to many new dresses. Then we ate a very enjoyable Greek meal.

3. Overall, the best memories of Xmas were all the presents and gifts I received as well as the delicious food I ate at both parties.


1. Spending plenty of quality time with my whole family together

2. Eating plenty of good food

3. Seeing all the presents that I received from people over Christmas


1. My Christmas was epic. The whole month of December was unreal. Christmas is up there as one of my favourite things and this year it didn't disappoint. Firstly, my trip to the city on 6th December to see the Harry Potter pop-up store in Myer is absolutely up there as my Best Ever Happiest Thing I have ever done.

2. Putting up the Christmas tree and putting the wreath on the front door

3. I organised/planned and hosted a Christmas Day feast with my housemate's help. It was bloody brilliant, a great Christmas Day for me.

4. Bonus one! I help to cook and prepare the food for the Arnica Christmas Party on the day before Wednesday 18th December. It was amazing to share it with people I love - Gina, Paul, Grace, Yanie, and Florina. The Arnica Party on the 19th of December was such a great day. We had numerous salads, a BBQ - you name it, we had it. It was an UNREAL Lovely Day with everyone at Arnica. We had live music and Santa came which was so special and an added bonus.

Question 4.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

Deb: peace and joy, being more carbon neutral e.g. no plastic and try to reduce my carbon footprint, be caring kind and positive to people in my life, settling into my house more with my housemate. I think I will just enjoy more and be more tolerant and compassionate in 2020.

Joseph: spending more quality time with my family, playing more cricket matches in the indoor and outdoor cricket competitions, having more counter meals with my mate Luke, having more talks with Jacob my support worker, having a market stall, doing more artwork, and selling more art cards.

Maria: continuing to go swimming and walking and eating healthy to manage my weight and lose the kilos

Dan: 2020 for me brings mystique, so i’m not looking forward to much yet - definitely some more festivals and trips!! My Mum has her sixty milestone, which is so very important

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