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Peer of the Month...

Hi guys! Well I would like to introduce a newbie to the AmeCare family: Cheryl Garland. She has only been working with AmeCare for around 2 months. Her main role is doing the roster for our 1:1 hours (outreach support).

Cheryl is 52 years young (she doesn't look it though). She is a lovely, easy-going lady and is so spiritual (something we both share - I can't wait to interpret her astrological natal (birth) chart one day!) Cheryl says she has loved astrology/planets all of her life, and loves being out in nature.

Cheryl has 3 children (2 sons and a daughter) between the ages of 29 and 37; and she has 4 grandchildren (3 girls and 1 boy).

Here are some 'fun facts' about Cheryl:

Birthday: November 29

Star sign: Sagittarius

Barracks for: Cheryl doesn't really follow sport but used to barrack for North Melbourne in the 90s


Music/artist: All kinds of music, and she loves going to concerts

Colour: Purple/green

Holiday/places to travel: Cheryl's highlights have been going on a gondola in Venice, riding a camel in Dubai, going to Bali, and going on safari in South Africa (she says this was her favourite because it was epic and life changing)

Food: Will try anything (except sushi) and highly recommends Groove Train at Westfield, because it "never disappoints" (#notsponsored)

Movie/TV show: She doesn't watch a lot of TV but used to love Grey's Anatomy; she likes 'Romantic Comedy' movies

Best memory with AmeCare: getting to know clients and staff, which she says is very rewarding

Something people would not know about Cheryl: She can knit and crochet, has a cat called Lola, and used to be a photographer of new born babies.

It's a very small world because Cheryl is friends with Gina's sister, Gracie, from when they worked together around 30 years ago!

I will end this with Cheryl's famous mantra - "never judge another person til you have walked a day in their shoes". Pretty good mantra, isn't it!!

Deb xx

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