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Music Review - Sept2019

Wow guys I have something different for you this month. And by the way, I am back! (hahaha)

Well, I usually review 2 artists for my readers per month, but this month I chose to review 3 artists because I really love all of their work. All of them are under 20 years old and their songs just blow me away. They are all really nice people with very strong views or opinions (which I really like as well) and they are super super talented.

For my 'old' readers (the people who have been following our newsletter for a while) I stated a couple of years ago that I don't follow many female artists, and if I do - they have to be exceptional (I am just fussy). Well, 2 of out these 3 artists are female - Billie Eilish, and Tones and I. The third artist is a young boy, Ruel.


I'll start with "Tones and I". Her full name is Toni Watson and she was raised in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

I can't find her birthday/age as it's not available online - but I think she is around 20 years old. Tones and I is an exceptional singer/songwriter, her voice is very unique. She has only been on the music scene for about 1 and a half years. She used to work at United Pants in Melbourne (Bourke St to be exact), and she quit her job in retail to busk in the Bourke St mall. She then bought a van and drove up to Byron Bay and used to busk at all the festivals up there. She was spotted by a music executive and that's how she was signed up to a record label.

Her EP "The Kids are Coming" was released on 30th August 2019 and is brilliant, in my opinion. I love the song 'Never Seen The Rain' - it's about being an underdog and also being a victim of bullying. I recommend you go and check it out! Fun fact: The story behind the title of her EP is because she believes the younger generation of today will be able to change the perception of being able to take care of the future world.

Some more fun facts about Tones and I:

  • 'Johnny Run Away', her first song, was released on 1st March 2019.

  • 'Dance Monkey' was released on 10th May 2019

  • Tones and I is the first Australian female to have a number one single (Dance Monkey) for 8 weeks on the ARIA charts

  • She broke the record for the biggest crowd at an opening set for Splendour in the Grass festival in Byron Bay

*"EP" means "extended play record" and is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but not enough to be classified as an album.


Next artist - Billie Eilish. She is an American singer-songwriter. Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Boird O'Connell. Her birthday is 18th December and she is 17 years old - unreal! Her voice is also unique, it's mesmorizing.

Her first musical break was when she was about 13 years old and her dance teacher heard her sing, and her songs were put up on Sound Cloud. It was her song 'Ocean Eyes' that got people's attention 3 years ago. She also did a collab with Khalid, for 'Lovely', which also got attention - and that's when she started to get recognised.

I admire Billie as she has to deal with Tourette's and mental health issues (Synesthesia and Depression) everyday. She is a petite little thing and wears baggy clothes so she doesn't get slammed by the media about her figure. She has epic music videos, they are very creative and absolutely unreal. I think they tell a story from Billie's eyes and her interpretation of the world and ideas. All of her videos are worth checking out but if I could only recommend a few, they'd be: "Bury A Friend, "Bad Guy", and "Good Girls Go To Hell".

Some fun facts:

  • She's on the cover of Elle Magazine USL at the moment

  • She was home schooled

  • She has awesome hair and changes it all the time - currently bright green and black, but she's had silver, grey, purple, black, blue (really cool)

  • Her nails are about 4 inches long

  • Billie had her braces filed off she recorded the sound and it's in her song 'Bury A Friend' just before the chorus

  • Billie is a self-proclaimed strict vegetarian and activist for women's mental health and most recently Climate Change

Billie's debut album 'When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go' was actually written, produced, and recorded by Billie and her brother (Finneas) in their childhood home in Highland Park, Los Angeles (LA). It was recorded in Finneas' bedroom which is opposite Billie's. The pair spent most of 2018 writing songs for the album while they were travelling, then recording the album when they were off the road and at home.

The album reflects Billie's place in the music world - always ahead of the curve, and never compromising her sound or vision to anyone. Both her and Finneas have won many awards, the most prestigious being the Vanguard Award for songwriting/ composing.

Billie is now a global superstar at a young age and she is phenomenal.

Please do check out her Debut Album it is amazing!


Our final artist this month is Ruel, another singer-songwriter and only 16 years old. His full name is Ruel Vincent Von Dijk and was born in London on 29th October. His parents are of Dutch descent, and Ruel was actually raised in Sydney, Australia. I have been listening to him since he was 14 when he released his song 'Dazed and Confused'.

Some fun facts about Ruel:

  • In 2018 he was the youngest Aussie in history to win an ARIA Music Award for Breakthrough Artist.

  • He is the only male to sell out the Opera House not once, but twice on his 'Painkiller' tour.

  • He also learned to play the guitar at 8 years old, and can also play the piano and harmonica.

Ruel's debut EP 'Ready' contains his standout singles 'Younger', 'Dazed and Confused' (both Platinum singles) and 'Don't tell me' (a Gold single). He release another Gold single 'Pain Killer' this year, which is off his 'Free Time' EP.

He has such a great voice and his live performances are just gathering a bigger fan base.

Please do check his EP's out they are great too!


On a final note, these young singers I have reviewed are unreal. I follow all three on Instagram. I can't believe they are so young and their music speaks volumes! They're so talented.

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