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Fire and Water Dragons (click here)

Enable your life to flow through loving force.

Prepare for change moving forward.

Expect the un-expected and have fun.

Ascend in the force of fire and water, creating steam to move forward lovingly.

Energy of fire to help us power through this part of our journey.

Water to let us move forward.

Fire and water dragons are playful and come to us when we need excitement. All this leading to move forward quickly.

Whenever you have changes, decisions and challenges: call the fire and water dragons. Once you have made up your mind, fire and water dragons will give you the energy to move forward.

Fire and water dragons love play and have fun to lighten you up.

Enjoy the changes coming to you as you are propelled forward.

From a higher, lighter perspective you can look through the eyes of a fire and water dragon, enjoying all changes including those which are not anticipated.

Love Light and Peace,

Fire and Water Dragons

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