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Incidents & PRN-usage

Step 1: Identify the category of the incident

An incident that has resulted in a serious outcome, such as

  • The death of a person,

  • Serious injury or illness, requiring immediate treatment as an in-patient in hospital (i.e., a person has been admitted to hospital and requires at least one overnight stay) 

  • Serious head, eye, or burn injury

  • Spinal injury 

  • Loss of bodily function 

  • Serious laceration 

  • Exposure to a substance, requiring medical treatment within 48 hours 

  • Uncontrolled leakage of a substance 

  • Uncontrolled implosion, explosion, or fire

  • Uncontrolled escape of gas or steam 

Category 1:
High Risk

Advise line manager within 2 hours of incident occurring 

Situations include:

  • Any error in medication (e.g., dose, time, drug, person, medication count discrepancy)

  • Any call to or attendance by emergency services, or after-hours medical support (e.g., locum doctor, nurse-on-call) 

  • Sexual advancements or harassment (mandatory reporting) 

  • Self-harm behaviour and/or suicidal ideation 

  • Money Ledger discrepancy 

  • Medical change 

  • Any form of abuse (mandatory reporting)

Category 2:
Moderate Risk

Advise line manager within 12 hours of incident occurring 

Situations include:

  • Substance use or misuse (e.g., smoking cigarettes indoors, use of drugs and/or alcohol) 

  • Unsecured chemicals

  • Threats and/or intimidation

  • Inappropriate behaviour (e.g., verbal aggression, social disturbances)

  • Significant behavioural change 

  • Refusal of medication

  • Adverse reaction to/resulting from medication (non-critical and/or not administered by AmeCare)

  • Accidental/purposeful property damage

  • Breach of privacy and/or confidentiality 

  • Any hazard relating to Occupational Violence and/or Work Health & Safety

Category 3:
Low/Minimal Risk

Advise line manager within 24 hours of incident occurring 

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