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The overall aim of AmeCare Community Paper (ACP), our participant-run newsletter, is to empower people & and make sure every voice is heard.

Our vision is have this paper open to submissions from all members of the community, to empower people living with disabilities and/or mental health diagnoses - as long as articles, submissions, or writing pieces are respectful.

If you have any queries, submissions, or would like to subscribe, please email 

We put in a lot of time and effort to make our articles intriguing, interesting, and fun for you to enjoy - and we love receiving feedback, so don't be shy! 

Happy reading! ​

Please note: These are 'archived' paper issues of our newsletters. We have recently gone paperless and are posting articles on our blog, ACP Online (click here).

You can subscribe and receive email updates when we post, by signing up on the ACP Online page.

A.C.P (AmeCare Community Paper)

Arnica Times 

** These are the latest newsletters for 2017. 

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