Why AmeCare?

A positive worker-client relationship is key to reaching your goals!

We strive to "fill the gap" and empower people with dual-diagnosis or co-morbidities when accessing the community services sector. 

Often people with disabilities struggle to find suitable mental health support, and people with mental health conditions find it difficult to access disability services that are also knowledgeable in mental health.

With a foundation of 25 years of experience, we aim to "fill the gap" and provide tailored, skilled, professional, and a high ethical standard of support.

Our carefully considered team of professional, qualified, and friendly staff are dedicated to working with, not just for, people -- listening to what makes you feel comfortable and using this knowledge to support you to the best of their ability.  


"My workers are friendly and nice. I like playing sport, and they help me by taking me to play Indoor Cricket."

— Michael