timesheets & rosters

The roster will be published once a week, on a Thursday or Friday (unless otherwise advised)

  • Rosters may be completed a fortnight in advance, usually to accommodate for public & school holidays


You must log in and out of the rostering app at the start and end of each shift – it is your responsibility to ensure this is done correctly and advise the office otherwise

  • Payroll & accounts will only make payments based on timesheets, which become available after successfully logging your shift

    • If you work outside of your allocated time, and have no notes or authorisation by your line manager, you will not be paid

    • If you do not put a location for KM reimbursement between 10-5km per shift, you will not be paid

    • If you travel less than 10km or more than 50km, without authorisation, you will not be reimbursed for this

    • If you have an unsubmitted time sheet, and have not contacted the office/rostering team to advise of any issues, you will not be paid


Payroll is processed each Friday – your bank may influence what day you see the funds in your account, however most employees receive their pay on Friday evenings.

  • You will be paid the week after your timesheets are approved.

    • Your first pay will be subject to the weekly time lapse; however each subsequent pay will be on a weekly basis.

    • The payroll is done from Thursday to Thursday – E.g., if your first shift is on a Friday, you will need to wait two Friday’s for your first pay.


If you receive your roster and you are unable to attend any shift, you MUST let admin know within 24 hours of the roster being published (to give the best chance of your shift being covered).

  • We understand that sometimes “life happens” and you may need to give short notice. We ask that you please give 24 hours notice where possible of any shift changes or cancellations.

    • We do keep a record of how often you cancel shifts late-notice, and too many unexplained cancellations will be subject to disciplinary action.

    • If you do not show up to a rostered shift without advising admin, your shifts will be removed from you until a supervision meeting can be arranged to discuss.

  • All roster and shift changes MUST be facilitated by the rostering team.

    • Please DO NOT attempt to swap shifts with anyone else on the rostering app. The majority of our participants have complex support needs and often have a regular team of staff, so admin must be aware of who is supporting who at all times.

rostering app (deputy)

All unavailability must be logged on to Deputy, to avoid any clashes. It is your (the employee’s) responsibility to upload any and all unavailability onto Deputy.  Please give as much notice as possible when updating availability. Preferably a week’s notice


Please do not “swap” or “offer” your shifts to any other employees on Deputy without verbal confirmation with management (as emails or text messages can be missed) Failure to do so may also result in disciplinary action.


Deputy: How to log your availability

  1. Go to the “Me” or “Profile” tab

  2. Click on “Unavailability”

  3. Click the (+) button in the top corner of the screen (location may vary on Apple or Android devices)

  4. Make sure to put in times you are UNAVAILABLE; and allow yourself travel time

    • E.g. If you have a “once off” appointment at 2pm, and you anticipate 1hr travel time, mark yourself as unavailable from 1pm-5pm. The way our admin staff see this, is that you are available in the morning until 1pm and you are also available to work after 5pm.

    • E.g. If you have a regular commitment, you can select “recurring weekly”. This could be used if you know than every Tuesday and Thursday you have school pick up, so are unavailable from 2pm-6pm. Note: in this example, you will need to schedule this as recurring weekly for both Tuesday and Thursday.


Please note:

  • Availability MUST be updated by Wednesday each week, for the following Mon-Sun week. However, as best practice, we recommend you have you availability updated fortnightly.

  • If there is a clash or you are unable to log this correctly, call the office and let us know. We will attempt to fix it and then ask you to try again. 

  • Our admin staff will not be responsible for tracking your availability – YOU are in charge of what days you can work and what times you are unavailable.

progress noting app (evernote)

AmeCare employees are required to download the ‘Evernote’ app to their phones, which will be used make and record progress notes about their shifts.


We use a cloud-based app to make this process as easy and convenient as we can –on the go and no paperwork! One of the benefits of having Evernote on-the-go is that you can update the note during your shift (i.e. as you get receipts, take photos, etc) instead of having to remember everything at the end of the shift


It is an app that is available on PC, Apple, and Android – so everyone can access it, and download it onto their smart-phones.

Using Evernote, you can communicate with other staff members easily by uploading:

  • Photos from outings

  • Document notes about what happened on shift

  • Alerts/information about changes or concerns

The main goal of Evernote is to maximize the way support workers assist participants with their independent living skills and community engagement

You will be shown how to effectively navigate Evernote upon your induction; however, this is a brief outline of how the program works:

  • Each participant of AmeCare will have their own ‘notebook’

  • Within their ‘notebook’ will be an individual support plan that includes:
    - any behaviours of concerns or patterns;
    - triggers;
    - likes and dislikes;
    - goals to work towards;
    - preferred activities and ideas for outings;
    - emergency contacts; and
    - general information that support workers will need to know prior to supporting the participant

  • At the end of each shift, you are required to progress note what you did with the participant. E.G.,

    •  where did you go? What activities did you do? What goals did you meet? Were there any conversations or patterns of behaviour that need to be communicated?

  • We love being able to keep a photo diary of all the fun things participants are able to do with their supports. You are required upload photos onto Evernote that can contribute to this. E.G. If you go on an outing to the aquarium, zoo, bowling, or just have a funny or silly moment – you are encouraged to take photos (with participant’s permission) and record them as photo evidence of the fun you have.

    • Not only do we love to see our participants happy, but it is a great resource for plan reviews, funding purposes, and to send to their individual families.


** All staff are required to use the same login, this is how we all have access to the notes.
Please DO NOT attempt to change any personal details of the account.

Username: staff.arnica@gmail.com

Password: ACStaff1234

Picture Privacy & Social Media


The role of a community support worker includes community participation, assessing and working on independence, and may include tasks such as personal and domestic care.

We encourage members of staff to take photographs of participants in appropriate settings i.e. Melbourne zoo, go-karting, or achieving a new goal.

  • These photos need to be uploaded according to the guidelines mentioned in the Evernote/progress note policy. Once the photos have been given to management or a member of administration ALL staff MUST delete the photo from their phones/cameras etc.

  • Any photos taken of the participant or photos that include the participant or any member of AmeCare MUST NOT be uploaded onto social media. This is to ensure the privacy of the participant you are supporting and protects them from any violations.